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De Deep Adaptation - Adaption radicale
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Perhaps restrained by their concepts of identity and change, many scientists don’t offer as stark conclusions of the implications of their research, yet as readers we can deduce the implication. For instance, British climatologist Professor Kevin Anderson recently calculated that the total permissible future emissions from the UK are “between seven and nine years of current emissions (based on 2018 data)… [which] points to immediate [carbon reductions of] 10 percent per year starting January 2020.” The efforts to restart economic activity after the lockdowns from covid-19 indicate it is not going to happen in one country, let alone comparable reductions in all other nations on Earth. Discussing his research on twitter, he writes “It’s key we are honest about what we judge is possible as this feeds into what we do in terms of adaptation. If we pretend 1.5°C is our objective, we risk mal-adapting to the changes we face & future generations will then suffer the consequences of inappropriate infrastructure etc.”